Thursday, January 10, 2013

'The Deep' OzComic sketch

Ordinarily, there's two things I don't do:
> Warm-up sketches/colours. Why screw about when there's work to do?
> Random sketches. Again, why screw about when there's work to do? ;)

However, this week's OzComic sketch theme was 'The Deep' by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer. I'm fortunate enough to call these two gents friends, but was a fan of their creator-owned, Australian Graphic Novel beforehand. And I'm not the only one :D

The 'Gestalt'-published title won an Aurelius Award in 2011 for Best Graphic Novel, and the recently released volume 2 has a foreword and high praise from Joe Kelly, the co-creator of 'Ben-10'. There's more, but I'm tired :P- check this:

Anyways, I always wanted to do an image, and although I'm super-strapped for time, I made an attempt on the underwater family of 4. The image was inspired by Jack Kirby's exploring 4...and no, I don't mean 'The Fantastic Four'. As much as I dig the guy and enjoy his writing work (and had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to him), whenever people point to Stan Lee's typed synopsis of the FF as the earliest inspiration for the Marvel adventurers, I point to this series Kirby created for DC comics years before as pretty good evidence the ideas had been bouncing around before the early 60's.

Anyways, off topic. Here's the image, inspiration etc. If I had more time, I'd finish it. Basically, it needs at least colour holds on the lines, but as it's time consuming and fiddly, I have to abandon the pic and move on with the pile of nonsense that faces me right now.

Gotta run, more soon.

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