Monday, February 4, 2013

It was 'Ace' filming with Geek Speak... ;P

(... I'm ashamed of that title ;P)

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited out to Ace Comics at Annerley to have a one-on-one interview with the great people of Geek Speak TV :D 

It was loads of fun, and great to see the crew, meet fellow interviewee Brad Scott of Naked Zombie Radio, and say a warm hello to Australian comic creators Matthew Hoddy and Caitlin Major, who do the web/self-published series 'Space Pyrates': 

Speaking of Space Pyrates, do you want your own collected edition of this Aussie comic series? The creative team need your assistance, and you get cool stuff in return! What's not to dig?!
Space Pyrates Collected edition Pozibles campaign: Check it out!

Oh, and thanks again to Glen at Ace Comics at Annerley- You troops should be able to find, or get a hold of, the Soldier Legacy TPB, #4 and #5 from either Annerley, Queen Street Mall store, or Comics Plus, on the Gold Coast :D

Here's a bunch of pics from the day, thanks to Brad, and Todd and Wade for the photos.
Brad snaps us on the couch. Photo courtesy of Naked Zombie Radio
It's like an 80's action/comedy :P.
Photo courtesy of Geek Speak
The tour poster for our upcoming 'Wiggles' tribute concert.
Photo courtesy of Geek Speak
Photo courtesy of  Geek Speak.
Brad Scott of Naked Zombie Radio- a Top Bloke!

L to R: Bozo the Clown, Naked Zombie Radio's Brad Scott, Geek Speak's Todd Ballie, and Space Pyrates's Caitlin Major and Matthew K. Hoddy. Thanks for a great mid morning talking all sorts of comic nonsense ;D

More details soon when the interviews are released. Thanks again, Geek Speak! Always a privilege to talk to folks like Geek Speak, The Late Nite Show, Kapow!, Whatcha podcast etc. who appreciate my toiling in comics. More troops in the Soldier army is always welcome :)

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