Monday, February 4, 2013

Soldier Sightings: OzComic's 'Australian Comics' Drawing week.

Last week, Australian drawing community Facebook page OzComics chose 'Australian comics' as their drawing topic for the week, in honour of the recent Australia Day weekend, and Whatcha podcast's Australian comic special. To my surprise, some of the locals in the OzComic community chose to scribble their renditions of 'The Soldier' from ww2, featured among other Australian-made characters in the album, such as Trevor the Bull (from 'Greener Pastures'), McBlack, Southern Squadron, Cyber swine, Dark Nebula, Winter City's 'The Reaper', Zed Mercury, Buzz Mandible, Killeroo, and Billy: Demon Slayer, just to name a but a small few.

View the whole album of entries here! And below, are the kind appearances of 'The Soldier'. Click the links for the bigger pictures/source of origin, and thanks again to all the kind folks who feature here- it's fantastic to see everyone's take.

By Thomas Tung

By Emmanuel Hernaez

By Ken Best

By Drew Bird

By Jacen Carpenter

By Dean Giles

(Please remember  all art images featured in this post are copyrighted to the artist, and feature here as part of a blog entry/educational purpose only. Characters are copyrighted to their respective copyright holders.)
Thank you all :)

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