Monday, February 11, 2013

Turns out you don't have to be online to get pimped sometimes ;P

Hey Soldiers!
Sometimes it's fantastic to know that I'm not just on a desert island, lobbing bottle after bottle into the ocean, wondering if anyone really gives a *** about the comic books I cram into that little glass "vessel". Thankfully, apart from you more vocal readers who touch base with me, or the lovely folk who appear at the conventions around the country, there are some great folks in the national pop culture scene who give you faith that perhaps I'm not marooned after all.

Over the weekend, the awesome crew from 'Gifts for the Geek' in Geelong, posted the banner for the upcoming appearance with good buddy Paul Abstruse for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Should be loads of fun, and I'm very much looking forward to visiting Geelong again. Last time I was there, was for the 2007 World TKD Championship Australian team selections (I can't remember the year, but poor Peter Brock had passed away that day, and that sticks in my mind).  It was also freezing. I'm sure that time of year, it will be a little warmer ;D

I'm a 'Cover Girl' :P
Thanks to the nice guys of 'Geek Speak' who surprised me with this pic on their Facebook cover page, taken at a recently recorded interview. That should drop in a few weeks I believe. Thank you again, gents. It's a hard slog, and I appreciate the support and kindness.

Then again, I haven't listened to this yet, that I was recently tagged in...I'm sure it's good, because they know I'll find them ;P

Speaking of Geek Speak, the brains behind Kaboom Comics in Toowoomba also posted this promo pic of all their Aussie titles. Have a read here :D

Anyways, Troops; it's time I get back to it. Please support your local comic stores- Ace Comics and Games recently stocked some Soldier Legacy titles, so you have no excuse either, Brisbane ;P

As always, Thank you again :)
We soldier on.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, there was of course, this...

 Worse. Cameo. Ever!

(Thanks Mr Black and co. ;P)
Filmed during the more recent appearance on the Late Nite Show.

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