Monday, May 4, 2009

Experimental project- ink and colour

Image for experimental. Selected Stan and Jack's 'Avengers' because of the variety of colours-

Basically, the experiment I wish to try is what methods/process I intend to use to complete a comic page before the colouring process. Traditionally, I am a penciller, but for this Graphic Novel I am going to have to somehow "ink" my work in order for the drawings to have bold line and depth. But there are a number of methods to ink/prepare the work before colouring, and there are a number of colouring styles that can be applied to the work and therefore I want to test the look of the artwork with various inking/colouring styles.
These processes take a different mindset to plotting/layouts/pencilling the work and will be a consideration I’ll need to take.
a.) Pencils, ink with pen only, scan and colour with basic flat colours and highlights ( colours like Jack Kirby/Tim Sale art)

b.) Pencil, ink with pen and brush, scan and colour using basic flat colours and highlights

c.) Pencil and ink as in b.) but rendered colouring (airbrushed looking- more modern look (with cut edges?)

d.) Pencil, digital ink with wacom tablet, colour as above.

e.) Pencil, no ink, fully rendered Photoshop colour work.

Experiment will check efficiency in time, whether the style of artwork will look better inked with pen, pen/brush, digital or no ink and colour-wise; in a flat colour style, rendered colour style or fully rendered Photoshop painting.

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queen_sparkle said...

good work so far... am currently typing up feedback about the essay draft, so talk tomorrow, okay.