Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Experimental project-progress

Image scanned, channel layers set for colouring, with a black copy.

Flats In Progress- pencil tool and lasso.

Ok, got through the paiful process of inking a picture- Experiment A.) inking with Pen/marker. Without going too detailed (saving that for the presentation). Tried to keep the basic inking rules (as I can't ink) by keeping the image readable, varying the lineweight in the foreground/background and keeping to a rough light source.
Colouringwise, above is the process of scanning the inked image, prepping it for basic flats in CMYK. I didn't go too in depth into laying out a particular colour scheme; at this stage I just wanted simliar "silver age" Avenger colours, with a variation of reds so that the characters with red in their outfits don't look the same. More to come.
Project update:
Completed 2nd "official" drafts of The Soldier and Vigilante stories for Graphic Novel. Kept the dialogue/action down to 5 pages each still, but buffed up the text a bit as the graphic novel will allow for more dialogue on the page than dialoglue in an animated short.
Also have almost pencilled 8 pages- still waiting on Blue Line pages ordered a couple of weeks back. Taken notes for animated trailer, semi-thumbnailed. Hoepefully have storyboards and animatic done soon, but the Graphic Novel is the important one.
More later.

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