Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Geek Speak TV gives 'The Soldier Legacy' some love ;D

(Aussie comic great, and Supanova Art director Tim McEwen snaps Chris Sequeira, Paul Abstruse, and me (at a rare moment away from the table ;P) while I shop for back issues of 1960's 'Tales of Suspense': Captain America by Kirby and Sinnott= Awesome ;P)

Haven't done the post-Gold Coast Supanova recap yet, but just wanted to give a big thanks to Todd, Amanda and the Crew from KaBoom Comics at Toowoomba, Queensland, who are the folks behind Geek Speak and Girly Geek Speak- Podcasts, posts and TV show that reviews all sorts of comic book/pop culture stuff. I was pleased to discover that 'The Soldier Legacy" Comic books are selling very well in my sunny state, and was honoured to have been interviewed by the show, and mentioned on the blog and podcast, in the same breath as Stewart McKenny and Tom Taylor, and among gentlemen at the con such as Brian Michael Bendis, Carlos Pacheco and Aussie Tristan Jones. All the links below, thanks again guys. I look forward to seeing my nervous stammering through Amanda's questions ;P

The write up:

The Supanova recap by Geek Speak:

The kind mention in the Post Supanova podcast:

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