Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Review of Soldier Legacy #1- 4 by Comic Artist Paul Abstruse

I was surprised by my good friend and talented Australian Comic Book Artist/ "Rock Star", Paul Abstruse on Facebook with this review of my latest Soldier Legacy comic books. I was very touched. I don't get many reviews of the work, but what made this quick review important to me was that Paul is coming from a knowledge base in comic production/ toiling for the craft. Anyways, thank you Paul, and congratulations again on the latest Zenescope project :D

"ok buddy....just finished all four issues.
As i read it, i felt there was a nice blend of gruff bravado and call of duty that gives the protagonist's a purpose of being. With the soldiers side of the story, the tough talking internal monologue is reminiscent of Frank Millar's Sin City. On the grandson's side, he struggles with the unknown. The personal touch for his feelings concerning his ex girlfriend made the story real to me. I feel the writing was well paced. The individual page cliff-hangers worked well. I was most impressed with the layouts. I never had any trouble following the page. For the most part my eye was always directed to the right spot. Diagonal panels seem to work very well with your style. There were a couple of pages where i felt that the characters breaking out of the borders were unessarary. But that is only nit-picking. The impact panels were always large and bold, which is important. The colours work perfectly. And throughout the whole book the art is consistent. And that my friend is very hard to acheive.

And as a fellow comic book artist i can see how much work has gone into these 4 books. To write, pencil, ink, letter and prep for printing is such a mammoth task, you really have to hand it to anyone who does it. The last issue has left me biting my nails and wanting to see how the story ends. It has also left me wondering if there will be a continuation of the series once the story arc is done.

So congrats on the work you have done so far. You deserve all the recognition you get and then some. Your book embodies all that is good about comics and the australian spirit."

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