Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post comic deadline week drawings inc. Batman

So, in the wee hours of Easter Sunday morning, I officially completed and sent through to the publishers the final files for 'The Soldier Legacy #4' and 'Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #8'. Count the Soldier trade paperback, and you have 3 months of non-stop, intense comic book making. Not just penciling, but writing, colouring, lettering, and book production. I can't wait to see if I pulled it off ok when the printed versions arrive in Melbourne for this weekend's convention.

I am very much looking forward to the next couple of weeks, as it is my first time as an official comic book guest at Supanova for Melbourne and Gold Coast. I am a little embarrassed, sure, as I have yet to crack an american gig (my goal), as opposed to everyone else on the comics guest list. But I humbly remember that this time last year, I was still a little self-publisher with a little creator-owned, Australian comic book. Realistically, it was May/June 2011 was when I officially went onboard with Black House, and the approach for the TV commercial wasn't until August/September, if I remember correctly. Now, with the first collected TPB out this week, and issue 4, AND a team up in Black House's Sherlock Holmes series, it's still all a bit of a whirlwind which I feel I've yet to sit back and enjoy, as I've been chained to the drawing board/computer since January. But, having said that, only I am in control of if I get anywhere at all in this crazy, volatile field, so it's probably best that I continue to press on with the process, and be polite, hardworking and persistent as I can. I am very thankful to be a guest of the cons due to this creator-owned title, and I am also grateful for the help and support I have received from guys like Chris Sequeira, Baden Kirgan, and the rest of my Black House family, plus the Supanova team for the opportunity.

Anyway, it's 2.30am so I'm probably rambling more than I intend to. Two things I'd like to post here. One is a sketch cover commission I was invited to partake in for the recent launch of the latest Killeroo comic book "Killeroo: Gangwar". I had a lot of fun, and it was great to be a small part of a talented Gallery of Artists with different styles and mediums.


Also, it's not "live" yet, (as I only just sent it in, due to the fact that my body clock is still ruined from the weeks of late nights/little sleep), but this week's OZcomic Drawing challenge was one I couldn't ignore- 'Batman'. Being one of the only DC Comics I purchase (thanks to the beautiful work of Greg Capullo), I was previously a huge fan of the trades. I have all of Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale's works on the character, no doubt because it feeds directly from the story threads/universe established in Frank Miller's 'Batman: Year One', which is one of my favourites. But, I couldn't go past the chance to do one of my all time favourite Graphic Novels, and a homage to Frank Miller/Klaus Janson's "Clint Eastwood-ish", grizzly, bulky, no-holds-barred Batman from the many layered 'Dark Knight Returns' from 1986. There's so many great scenes in the book, I almost did the mud hole fight ("This isn't a mud hole, it's an operating table, and I'm the surgeon!"...or something to that affect). But, since I still have a few commissions to do before Melbourne, and since I'd already started drawing the cape (:P), I decided to stick with it, cut time by NOT having to draw mud all over him, and whack that mutant in there he busted through the apartment wall to take out. So scribble and a slap around of colour, as this is what I got.

I'll stick a link up when it's up on the OZcomic site. Until then, I've gotta run. Thanks for putting up with the nonsense, talk about something substantial soon ;)

UPDATE: Link here :D http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=386267194737794&set=a.385599681471212.90204.241043559260159&type=1&permPage=1


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