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Week 2 "Supa Star Guest"- Post Con Jibberish from Gold Coast Supanova

(I'm not going to go into deep recounting here, just wanted to throw all this here to recap a great Comic book highlight on this year's calender, and thank everyone for their kindness and support. Great sales and response for issue 4 and the Trade, virtually sold out of the stock I had for the two shows, plus the extras I chased from Black House between shows. Anyways...)

How can you top the greatness that was Melbourne Supanova?

By moving it to the Gold Coast!

Seriously, Queenslanders are traditionally very kind to me and this little comic series, and I am very grateful for the support I got from the two days at the Gold Coast Exhibition and Convention centre, Broadbeach. I am virtually out of copies of the TPBs that I took to the cons (plus the boost in stock from Black House during the week), and from what I gather (and hope), the 4th issue seemed to be a hit among the fans I spoke with. I want to thank the familiar faces who have stuck with the series so far, and for the new people who dove right in by getting a trade and #4 in one hit.

One of the highlights for me was speaking to one female teen, who was buying issue 1 for her brother, who had just signed up for the army. About an hour later, the girl ran back to the table, stating she had just read the issue while standing in a queue, and ended up purchasing the TPB and the latest issue :D. There was another guy just like this, who bought #1 on Saturday, then the rest on Sunday, then read them at the show, and came back to ask when #5 was out. Sometimes it's easy to forget that regardless of whether or not blogists, reviewers, other creators etc. see/comment on the work or not, there are the regular punters out there who still appreciate the work that is being put out by Australian comic creators. The viability of the "industry" (cottage or not) is not solely dependent by the circulation between other comic people and the like, but whether the work reaches (and strikes a cord with) either traditional non-comic readers, or people who up until that point were unfamiliar with the potential works being produced here. I love the fact that for instance, this weekend past, I attended a Sparring Seminar with Grand Master CK Choi: A Taekwon-do pioneer, and the first World Champion in Taekwon-do sparring. During a lunch break, one of the younger Black Belts (a former student, and good kid) asked to see some of my comic book stuff. I happened to have sets of my comics in a box in the car, so I showed him an issue. Within 5 minutes, I had completely sold out of the several sets of comics I had! It beat out the overall quiet afternoon session in Melbourne recently, that's for certain :P

Anyways, I don't want to get into saying too much here, only that I had a great time, am again very thankful to the Supanova team and volunteers that took care of us over the two cons, and appreciated the guest status. I'm terrible with names, but I'd like to mention Daniel Z, his partner Libby, Missy, Felicity, and then Dion, Mark, Dee, Bruce, Quinny, Chris, Andrew, Ethan, the rest of the Supanova crew: Thank you :D

Jim Kelly, man, what an awesome guy.

Plus, my comic book friends/pros who were very kind to me, and had great conversations with- Tom Taylor, Tristan Jones, Stewart McKenny, Tim McEwen, Paul Abstruse, Wayne Nichols, and international visitors Carlos Pacheco and Brian Michael Bendis.

Above all, I have to thank Baden Kirgan of Black House Comics, and my close friend Chris Sequeira- What a great time we had, hey mate? and many more to come :D

Here's a spattering of images in no particular order :D

The Black House Comics seminar

Dave, Chris and the gang show their support. Best fans ever ;)

I finally get to scribble a head in Tim McEwen's sketchbook :D

The awesome Tony Stark/Iron Man doppelganger, IronMate :)

See? Even escaped criminals read 'The Soldier' ;P

A meeting of the minds: Tim McEwen and Chris Sequeira.

A friend stops by with a great group of "sailors". How often can you say you've been photo-bombed by Jesus?

(Cool)Shite/Joffree street production's "Q-dog" David Quinn, DC/IDW/Gestalt writer Tom Taylor, and Marvel/DC/Black House writer, and Cuban drug dealer (;P) Chris Sequeira.

The lovely Dee of 'Girls Read Comics too"/Supanova, Quinny, and Chris.

Too many people in this, but there's Anime Stars and Marvel artist Carlos Pacheco thrown in the mix too.

Nobody makes a better entrance than Aussie artist Paul Abstruse. Disco.

My concern is that Chris doesn't seemed too concerned...

More scribble at the con: Ghost Rider

Me and good mate, (Cool) Shite/Joffree Street production's Bruce Moyle.

The fantastic Marvel artist, and down to Earth guy, Carlos Pacheco, and my ubber baggy shirt.

Speaking of fantastic guys, Aussie Artist/Writer of IDW titles such as Ghost Busters & Ninja Turtles, Tristan Jones.

One of a series of classic photo bombs by Tom Taylor ;P

More scribble: Iron Man vs Thor.

Soldiers like 'The Soldier"... Who'd have thought? ;P

Danielle and Wade stop by for comic books :D

More scribble- Up the Bunnies!


When not "raiding Tombs", apparently Lara Croft and her video game pal read 'The Soldier Legacy' ;P

I didn't get a chance to leave the table much, but nice talking also to Wayne's friend Sam (and writer of their new graphic Novel release), plus Cameron of Funny Web Comics, and his partner Sabrina. Lovely people. Plus Scott "Agent-X" Hampson dropped by, good friends Wade and Danielle (who was spotted by fans herself as one of the past top 12 "MasterChef"s), and loyal followers Dave, Chris, and the gang who I owe a lot for their continual Queensland support. Thanks, guys. Annabelle McEwen was showing off her fantastic comic wallets (I want a Kirby "Thor" one ;D), and as previously mentioned, Todd, Amanda and the guys from Kaboom Comics, and Geek Speak TV, spent a little time at the table doing a mini-interview and telling me the series is doing well out in Toowoomba.

Anyways, thanks again, looking forward to Sydney Supanova in June, and Brisbane later in the year!
More art stuff soon as I get back into gear :D

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