Saturday, March 30, 2013

A "Fire-Fighter" indeed- a real-life inspiration behind a 'Soldier Legacy' comic character

A great write-up from a Central Coast publication this week, featuring one of my closest friends, and a bloke who I look up to as an "older brother". Gary was one of my instructors I would train under when not teaching at my own school years ago (of Authentic Taekwon-do Australia), and was my Muay Thai coach for a number of years. We competed together in the 2005, and 2007 World Taekwon-do championships, and are back for more punishment in the 2013 squad for Korea, where he is one of the Aussie coaches. Outside of TKD and belting people, Gary is just an all-around top bloke and someone I'm glad to call a friend.
 He's also the person I decided to use when I needed a mentor/martial art coach for the 'Young Soldier'. Our actual instructor, Master Moore, might show up in a page or two in the future, but looks a bit too close to the primary antagonist in the main WW2 Soldier story, hence I wanted to avoid confusion. Anyways, 'Barry' was introduced in Soldier Legacy #4, and becomes one to the characters integrel to the young vigilante's attempts to honour his WW2 grandfather's "legacy".

So, if you were actually interested enough in that little "behind the scenes" post, I thank you for taking the time to read about a fantastic Aussie bloke helping his community in more ways than one. And cheers, Gary, for not belting me when you saw yourself in the comic pages ;P

If you're keen and on the Central Coast of NSW, I recommend you check out Gary's Full Time Extreme Martial Arts Gym- Full equipped, complete with Kickboxing/MMA ring, taekwon-do ring, matted floors and heavy bags. Head to Alma avenue, Woy Woy, and tell 'em 'The Soldier' sent you ;)

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