Saturday, March 30, 2013

Geek Speak ManCave series- Interviews with Paul Mason included :D

Back in February, I was invited down to 'The Man Cave', on location at Ace Comics in Annerley, Brisbane, by the boys from 'Geek Speak', to record an interview for their 'ManCave' series, about my comic series etc. etc. Also interviewed were Brad Scott of the super popular 'Naked Zombie Radio', and the 'Space Pyrates' comic series creators Matthew Hoddy and Caitlin Major.

To summaries, Todd and I chat a little about the Soldier Legacy comic series's origins of sorts, Jack Kirby and other comic artist I dig, why I'm anti-bully, a little martial arts and childhood, the comics that got me into this whole mess of a career-ish choice, San Diego comic con trips, DC Comics Burbank, Soldier Legacy/Dr Nikola one-shot with Chris Sequeira and Black House Comics (the newly released 'Soldier Legacy's Strange tales') OZ Comic-Con, and upcoming guest appearances at Melbourne and Gold Coast Supanova...and some other stuff. I dunno, I can't remember. Have fun, you'll figure it all out ;P We covered a lot of ground, and I'm very thankful for the invite and opportunity to chat and have a laugh. Thanks again for the support, Geek Speak :D (and apologies for the one or two F-Bomb, kids. Stay in School ;D)

Below, are part 1 and two of the series: Brad Scott, and Matt and Caitlin for your convenience.

Here's something that sparked a few thoughts that maybe are self-indulgent, maybe has bothered me far more than it should of, but overall, I've managed to program into my head as a positive. Since this is a "blog" of sorts, here's a chunk of my brain, folks; bear with me, and apologies :)

I saw pretty early on, the interview video I did, had gotten a 'dislike'. Sure it was one, but man, hard NOT to take that personally considering it's just ME talking... but it's a re-affirmation that no matter how hard I try, or just focus on promoting the comic books and work, learn and do my best with my endeavours etc., someone's always going to have an issue, and "you just can't please everybody". *shrug. When I was in primary school, and came home upset one day from some particularly nasty "let's pick on the freckled, buck tooth, fat kid" session, my Mum and Dad said to me "Don't let mugs upset you". I still live by this, and aim to keep on keeping on. I encourage kids to do the same. Let's just touch on a couple of things in the next few weeks, (let alone the things I'm happy to have landed, and am working towards) to illustrate my point: Next week, I head interstate to test for my 3rd Degree Black belt, something I'm 6 years overdue for, but am looking forward to attempting. The week after, I'm a comic book guest at Melbourne Supanova convention, followed by the Gold Coast with some good friends of mine in the biz. The weekend after that, I'm squad training for the lead up to my events as part of the Australian Taekwon-do team for the 2013 World Championships....Kids, if you buckle to every jealous quip, every put down, negative comment, lukewarm attitude, or even the silence when you do chalk a win up on the board, you will not grow, learn or achieve much. Forget haters, and forget the "entitled" attitude that many people have when they assume they should have what you have, when you're working hard to get it. I'm not being cocky about this, or attempting to boast. Really, I'm merely pointing out my itinerary. If you have a problem with it, then you're probably who I'm walking past to live the life I want to live ;)

That's all I can pass on as a "life lesson" from this, for anyone who cares to read and listen. ;D Keep punching on, kids.

That's my two cents.

Cheers, Diggers. See you all soon.

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