Saturday, March 2, 2013

More on 'Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?"

Author Andrez Bergen is kicking a** with reviews and mentions on his upcoming book, and I must thank him for utilising my illustration pic for the promo so much. I'm very appreciative, considering the other renditions I've seen on Andrez's character.
The image for the book cover has been released, and it's very cool- fits in with the whole art deco/noir vibe of the story, and reminds me a great deal of my favourite animated Superman cartoons by the Fleischers.

Anyways, links below of some of the more recent press, otherwise, follow the labels below to take you to the original blog post. Awesome work, Andrez, and thank you again. 

Via the Jack Kirby Museum "Kirby Dynamics":

Via "The Momus Report":

Via "Comic Bastards" (Spoilers, 5/5 review):

Cover: Rodolforever Reyes

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