Monday, March 25, 2013

Caption These! Wild Photographics snapping pics at Perth OZ Comic-Con!

Below are a series of pics from Wild Photographic's Album from the recent OZ Comic-Con convention in Perth.
The 'Aussies in Comics' Saturday panel featured (From Left to Right) Jon Sommariva, Tristan Jones, me and Doug Holgate (with Stewart McKenny's art above us). A fantastic bunch of nice guys who are kind enough to put up with my bulls*** ;P 

Some rather intense and stupid faces here, feel free to come up with your own captions.

Tell you what? The funniest caption for a photo below (without being overly rude and insulting), I'll post it up here (or perhaps the facebook page), and I'll shoot you a copy of 'The Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales' in the mail. How's that sound?

Update: Send your comments, with indicated photo you're using to

I don't think anyone can beat Sarah Ellen's "A Minute's silence for Dumbledore"... :P

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