Sunday, April 28, 2013

Articles, Updates, Podcasts and Gold Coast interview with Geek Speak

Hi Soldiers!

Very sorry, quick updates here, I'm super busy, just got back from a Takewon-do Squad training weekend, and have much to do, In the meantime, a number of things dropped online while I was away, so let's get down to business.

- Geek Speak released their first interview from the recent Gold Coast Supanova (20-21st April 2013), with me, and I spill some beans of some current work I'm doing, thanks to the good folks overseas; including Mr Goldmann, Mr Brewer, Mr Aushenker, Mr Babinski, and good mate Mr Sequeira. Look out of more stuff from the expos here soon, I have a few people to thank and photos to drop on the blog.

- Pikitia Press did a quick question to good mate and fellow comic creator Jason Franks, asking us about 'Productivity and motivation'. Since this is a huge thing in my day to day, week to week routine, I hope some of you get something out of this, not just from a comic-making sense, but in whatever activity you're trying to do well, and goals you're trying to reach in life:

And thanks for the recent mention in 'Paper Trail' for April 21:

- Whatcha podcast just released their latest episode entitled "Whatcha Anzac-in"- in which they pay tribute to our Anzacs, talk all sorts of pop culture, and announce the winner of their 'Soldier Legacy Comic Book' competition: They were also kind enough to review Chris Sequeira and I's 'Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1' and gave it '2 thumbs up!' Thanks Dean! (Jump to 33:20ish)

Big, big thanks to Nath, Dean and Michael for their enthusiastic support!

- More great news regarding Andrez Bergen's 'Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa', featuring a little mention of me and the image I did for the novel; Cheers again, Andrez :D

There is also a 'Southern Cross" drawing competition here:

UPDATE: Brisbane's local channel '31 Digital' just uploaded their Supanova special episodes, where I was interviewed briefly by 'Doctor Who'. Many thanks to Kris and the Crew, who I saw and caught up with on the Gold Coast last weekend as well, and very much appreciate their support:

That's it for now, Diggers.
Chat soon, and thanks again!

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