Sunday, April 7, 2013

FORCES OF GEEK: Article with appearance from me, and the Soldier ;)

Forces of Geek: pop culture is our bitch

Many thanks to Andrez Bergan for interviewing me as part of the huge international group of Comic artists jamming about what we love about the Japanese culture on the FORCES OF GEEK website:

A Fistful of International Artists Croon The Country's Cultural Praises 

WIP of the final image in the article
The article features two of my pics too- an art only page from 'The Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1' published by Black House Comics, and 'The Southern Cross' image from 'Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa'

The article touching a little on my Martial arts background in relation to Japan, is here:
Part 2 is due out next month :)

Speaking of "..Heropa", another great review for author Andrez Bergan, this one courtesy of 'Pulp Den', with that pic of mine again ;D

Thanks all :D more news soon, including (hopefully) a leak on my latest goings on.

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