Monday, April 8, 2013

See you all at Melbourne Supanova this weekend, Soldiers!

At ease, Diggers!

For the full guide, without my graffiti, head here:

Hope to see you Soldiers this weekend, remember we're the first panel on the day :
"G-6: Aussie Assault".

...There's 5 of us...I think ;P (Christopher Sequeira, W. Chew Chan, Jason Franks and Jan Scherpenhuizen) , and we do Comics, not attack people....that's only on my off days ;P
Saturday 13th at 11am in the Supanova Seminar room.

Otherwise, see you at J3!

Latest books, brand new prints for you print junkies, and head sketches made to order, or while you wait!

As you were.

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