Monday, April 8, 2013

When Worlds Collide! Worldwide Taekwon-do reads 'The Soldier Legacy!

Sabum Gary King -5th Degree and V.P of Worldwide Taekwon-do, Me and Senior Master Jamie Moore- 8th Degree and President of Worldwide Taekwon-do and Australian Delegate for UITF.
In preparation for the World Taekwon-do Championships in Korea in July, I recently got back into my TKD training, and sorted out something I was due to do about 6-7 years next Black Belt testing. Happy to say I survived and successfully promoted to my 3rd degree a week out from this month's Supanova madness.

In the meantime, Senior Master Jamie Moore and 'brother from another mother' Sabum Gary King were keen to get pics with the latest and upcoming 'Soldier Legacy' comicbooks, including 2 "litttle Diggers" who have been readers for a while. Awesome when the comicbook medium reaches an audience outside of your regular comic readers.
All the above, plus Matthew Greig- Soldier Legacy Comic fan and 2nd Degree, and Deeyon Garland- another Soldier fan and 1st Degree.

Cluey Soldiers out there might also recognize Sabum Gary from the Soldier Legacy comics themselves- as "Barry", the Young Soldier's instructor from issue 4 and 5, and highlighted in a recent post:

Until next time, punch on Soldiers!

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