Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Editor Michael Aushenker previews the cover for 'The New Adventures of The Human Fly #1'!

Editor Michael Aushenker has previewed the full cover to next month's San Diego Comic-Con release of 'The New Adventures of the Human Fly #1' on his blog:

"Here is a variation of our cover for issue #1, drawn by the Maestro himself, Rafael Navarro, with lettering by Janice Chiang and a logo and corner illustration by Steven Butler. Navarro also illustrates our lead story inside. But we've also got the talents of Steve Kriozere, Jason Baroody, Tony Babinski, Javier Hernandez, Jim Rugg, Paul Mason, and UNKNOWN SOLDIER artist Gerry Talaoc.

Not to mention (but that means we will mention...) ORIGINAL Human Fly artists Steve Leialoha, Bob Layton, Don Perlin, and Al Milgrom."

It will be the first book featuring the "Real Life Superhero" since the 1970's short lived Marvel Comic Series.  Thank you again to the Human Fly film producers, writer Tony Babinski, Michael Aushenker, and Chris Sequeria for my involvement with the Fly family. Can't wait to shoot to LA next month to see it in print :D
Original B &W house Ad for the Marvel series waaaaay back in '77.
The real 'Human Fly'.

Original Editorial by writer Bill Mantlo in Marvel Comic's 'The Human Fly #1'.

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