Thursday, June 27, 2013

Naaw, kids are awesome... Scribbles and comic readers at Extreme Martial Arts/Authentic Taekwon-do Central Coast Gym

Some of the Adults and Juniors from the training weekend. Fantastic junior fighters too. Well done, kids!
Some Australian Taekwon-do team training last weekend on the Central Coast, a shotgun trip to get some more training in before London next month. The event became a bit comic-orientated at the end,  thanks to head trainer at Extreme Martial Arts, Sabum and Assistant coach Gary King. Gary has promoted and sold copies of 'The Soldier Legacy' at his school, and a bunch of the juniors really enjoy the Aussie-themed heroics.

Thanks for smiling, Deeyon ;P

Some awesome kids were keen to come by afterwards to get their copies signed, grabs some cheap prints, and also get some head sketches as there favourite Superheroes. One mum said "Your comics encourage my boy to want to read", and I'm totally bragging when I say this, but f*** it: I was so proud of that. It might mean absolutely nothing on the grand scheme of things, but the world to me. And, that's comics, man. They did the same thing for me as a kid, and I do wish more comic books remembered their audience isn't always the die hard, continuity-loving older audience. Another kid had googled details mentioned in the book like the war, the places etc. to learn more about it- mission accomplished ;P (though it's a mental note to keep bleeping the language- he thought the "swearing" was awesome, too :P I guess hash tags and squiggles aren't enough for the imagination and new world playground talk of primary school kids hahaha.)

Anyways, some pics snapped from the tale end of the sketching for those who stuck around.

Thanks again to Senior Master Jamie Moore, Sabum and Head Coach Scott Bower, Sabum Gary King, Sabum Penny Childs-King, Sabum Robert Graf, Boosabum Paul Daniels, and the rest of the team members who attended, the juniors, and those that came alone for some extra training.

God bless Hollywood action men like Bruce Willis or Jason Stathom, otherwise I'd have a serious complex :P #Balding

Gary and student Josh: the boy with 1000 questions :P Love it!
Josh likes Aquaman! A first! ;P

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