Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some Soldier colour stuff, and lame attempts to fund-raise!

A bit of colour added to this Mignola/Kirby inspired scribble.
This may become a print which will be available at Oz Comic-Con, Melbourne in July for those who are keen. Keep you posted on others.

In the meantime, I'm almost at begging-level prices for my ill-fated attempts to fund-raise for the Unified  ITF Taekwon-do World Championships in the UK July/August 2013. Free sketches and almost giving away prints and comic books just to peak interest in helping me out! 
I should have picked a better career and a government sponsored sport or something. It seems you do the hard work getting ahead and then have to make your own way across the globe to fufill the goal. In my case, for both the panel/comic book release at San Diego Comic-Con, and my individual Hyper-weight Sparring spot on the Australia team. Fingers crossed the price-slashing brings a few more bucks in. Many, many thanks to the kind folks who have bought some goods so far- the sketches are almost done and the parcels will head out next week :D Any issues with the price slash for pre-existing customers, I'm happy to throw in another character sketch. All I can give right now is a piece of time, if you let me :)

Take a look here: and feel free to email me at with questions/Commission/con sketch requests like a person already did ;) Cheers! Much appreciated.

Head sketch examples: Darkseid and The Human Fly.

Gotta run, hope you're all well :)

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