Friday, June 7, 2013

I hate warm ups. But...

A Mike Mignola-inspired 'Soldier Legacy' image (with a dash of Jack Kirby "dots"- the best smoke and fire in comics ;) ).
I'm going to throw some colours down and see what I can do with this. Maybe a cover for issue 6, or new print? Aussie team fundraiser print? I dunno. Just had the urge to try some mediums that I wasn't comfortable with. Particularly before I dive in on a sequential page without crash testing it first. I'm usually not a "warm up sketch" guy. To me, I don't have the time to screw about, and warm ups feel like "Stuffing about before starting work" guy :P But in this instance, I felt it necessary.

I also started a mini-fundraiser to aid to pay my way to compete in the Open World ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships in London in July. July is a big month- a guest at Melbourne Oz Comic-Con, a trip to SDCC in LA to talk on the Human Fly panel (!), and see some of my stuff released in the US for the first time (a bucket list item-very stoked), and then shoot to the UK to prep for the fights. All great, all life memories, all bank account draining. Broke, but we'll see what happens. Here's the link, plenty of cheap stuff and freebies too: I'm giving away a tonne of time on sketches, so I hope if you're keen, you get in before stocks run out :D Please spread the world, and many many thanks to the kind readers and supporters who have touched base/ordered so far. (Mostly from Perth by the way, I love you W.A!)

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