Saturday, September 5, 2009

Talking to printers...almost done

Well, the "Graphic Novel" is done. I'm just going through that really fiddly stage of making sure all the pages are the same size, and an oversight regarding the black borders (not being 100% black) meant I had to spend a long time on my very slow computer changing all 48 pages to the right size and colour. Unfortunatley this didnt translate 100% into the linked illustrator files, so I had to spend the next day copy and pasting the artwork back into the files again...*cry*.

Anyways, I'm going to leave the changing of the file sizes for print until I find out from the printers what size/format/bleed area they need.

So now I'm scrambling to get the Blackwing internship moving (page 2 above), and some sort of animated trailer up and finished before the october deadline. The other thing that's going to take time away is the first internship, which was the business plan for the griffith innovation challenge. Barry and I have been notified as finalists, so now we have to prep a 20 minute presentation (and attend the seminars) plus a 3 min. pitch at a gala night (if we get that far...) which is all good, but another project which has to go back on the list of things to do...Anyways, rolling on.

Below is some images for page three of the epilogue that I was trying to work out what looked better in colouring.

Dark blue layer "multiplied"
Dark blue layer "normal"

Dark Blue layer "vivid light" (I think this was one one I went for...didn't want it too dark)
Below: BG colour experiments page 6