Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sydney OZ Comic-Con photo dump!

Had a fantastic 2 weekends at OZ Comic-Con in Brisbane and Sydney.  The best was meeting and catching up with you lot who picked up the new books- we indie comic makers live and die by your support, so I'm glad to still have loyal (and new) readers. Had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with 'the boss' on this current drawing gig, which I am very grateful for. Plus, spend some time with fellow guests and good mates both onstage and after the cons. The Gestalt crew, Jack Kirby and illustration stories with Jason Palmer, the gentleman Dean Rankine, talking Mad Max with Mark Sexton at dinner, who worked on both the comics and film, review with Scott Allie and the Boss, catching up with old mates Chris Sequeira, Chewie Chan, Jan Scherpenhuizen etc.…too many moments. I will get around to a few anecdotes, including losing my voice the night after a crazy karaoke session with the Anime voice actors. Anyways, to the crew of OCC, the organisers, the volunteers, and the patrons- THANK YOU!!! And a huge thank you to Baden Kirgan of Jeffries Printing Services in Sydney for a fantastic quality printing on the new books, and delivery to the hotel. I couldn't do all this without their support. More pics to come, but in the meantime, here's a few. Cheers!

Dean Rankine, Me, Doug Holgate, Queenie Chan & Kylie Chan.

Me, panel MC Amanda Bacchi, Tristan Jones, Mark Sexton & Scott Allie.

Christian Read, Wolfgang Byslma, Dean Rankine, Me & panel MC Amanda Bacchi.