Friday, October 10, 2014

Comicbook Book Club at Brisbane Square Library

Cheers to the Brisbane City Council Library, Host Amanda Bacchi, and the good folks that attended the very first Comicbook Book Club yesterday evening. More to come next month, hope you guys enjoyed it. FB page to come with updates etc. Stay tuned :D

'The Soldier' in the news- 'Draw the Line' by Sally Browne: 'U' Magazine, Courier Mail Queensland, 24th August 2014

Many thanks once again, to The Zine and Indy Comics Symposium (ZICS), writer Sally Browne, photographer Sarah Keayes, and the Courier Mail 'U' Magazine for this article, published Aug 24th 2014.

No, I don't hate 'The Phantom'...

Recent Late Nite Show craziness

Madness. I'm gonna miss this show.

Hopeless at updates this year, my apologies.