Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

KID PHANTOM #1 - Interview Podcast, and Comic panel sneak peek. IN NEWSAGENTS & COMIC STORES APRIL 27TH, 2017!

Above: The 1 hour KID PHANTOM Q&A podcast with my writer/collaborator Andrew Constant, and I, outlining a bit of our background, our love of the character, and outlining our intent with this upcoming, ongoing All-Ages series.

Below: Chronicle Chamber was also kind enough to get some recent details from the publisher surrounding the release date and some sneak preview images of what to expect from the first book.

Andrew and I had a great time chatting to Dan and Jermayn, and I hope some people's minds have been put at ease regarding where the Frew series intends to go. And if we can't win you over by issue 2 or 3, then we tried.

At any rate, under the pump, gotta keep motoring.

UPDATE: Brief mention of KID PHANTOM (and Cover) in the Latest "Inkspot" Magazine from the Australian Cartoonist Association.):

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Non-spoiler Sneak Peak review of 'Kid Phantom #1' - X-Band Phantom Podcast.

NON-SPOILER Sneak Peak review of 'Kid Phantom #1' by the gents at Chronicles Chamber. Discussion kicks off around the 1hr 22min. mark in relation to the upcoming stories from Frew Publications.
I also appreciated the nod to 'The Soldier Legacy' too.

Looking forward to the series dropping soon.