Sunday, May 22, 2016

FREE preview of Soldier legacy #7- scene from next TPB *SPOILERS*

Click on the pics to Enlarge/Click thru. ***SPOILER*** If you haven't read issue 6. 

Preview Cover (Not final issue cover)
page 1

page 2
page 3

page 4
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page 6

So, The next trade paperback of Soldier Legacy (Volume 3) is a little way off, since I'm in the 3/4 mark of another TPB for Gestalt. But in the meantime, I have been doing a snippet of activity on the final chapter of the series here and there, and though it might be nice to drop a scene out there. Not exactly an action sequence (and possibly in draft form, as it gets a bit wordy), but a scene close to my heart, with the connection to Chuck (and his "character" from the short Australia! anthology story released late last year through ComicOz. Those that have read up to Soldier Legacy #6 will get where we're at, ***SPOILERS >>>>*** The Soldier was impaled with a Katana on the last page.>>>>So this scene in this post is not the scene immediately following, but pretty close to. Probably one of the more surreal or just relatively "strange" scenes that have featured in the series, I would really like to see what folks think. Feel free to comment, or hit up the Facebook page, and thank you for the support, and just indulging me talking about the books like people given a damn. Cheers!