Monday, February 17, 2014

Free squiz at a comic? Better than a Victorian Era kick to the face: Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1

Just some stuff I was doing on Tumblr recently. You can suss out preview pages of story 1 from 'The Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1', published 2013 by Black House Comics. Or not. Whatevs ;)

By Sequiera and Mason. Published by Black House Comics.

 PART 1 of 3:
The WW2 'Soldier' and Dr Nikola throw down.

 PART 2 of 3:
 PART 3 of 3:

Get the book here from Black House Comics:

More 'Human Fly' stuff: Esquire Magazine UK, and Review shout out.

Esquire Magazine UK has just published an awesome article on the sotry of the Human Fly. Read it here:
It mentions the upcoming movie plans, the Marvel Comic days of the character, 'The New Adventures of the Human Fly #1' that I was a part of last year, and speaks to Scriptwriter Tony Babinski, the writer of said story I scribbled. He really captured elements the article brings up about the slightly unhinged Human Fly. Here's a squiz at page 4 of our story from the book:

Speaking of which, buddy and instigator of my 'Human Fly' connection, Chris Sequeira, found and sent me this the other day. It kindly gives me a shout out and pastes up a pic of mine from the book too. Very stocked and surprised. Thank you :D:

Watch this space, I hope to have some more news on this cray cray stunt man.

Oh, not *that* Jerk again...Paul Mason on 'The Late Nite Show' Episode 1, Season 5 (2014)- Part 4.

Yep. Sorry.

Seriously though, thanks again to host Scott Black, companions Amanda Bacchi & the Flashman, the welcoming crew of Kris, Vin, Richard and the rest of 31 Digital for inviting me back for the first episode for 2014. Chatting 'Soldier' etc. like it's an actual *think* that people dig. Makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy. Though that could just be the humidity.
Cheers, Soldiers. Marching on.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to feed your ego: Past Episodes of the Late Nite Show

Host Scott Black and the great crew of 31 Digital have invited me back to the Late Nite Show this week for the launch of their 2014 season. What to kill some time and brain cells? Suss out the previous episodes, from most recent to first (Sept 2013, Jan 2013 and Nov 2012). Talking Soldier Legacy, Comics, Taekwon-do, and mostly Bullsh**. Sorry about the language, young readers. Let's say "Not Suitable for the Class Room". This Thursday Feb 6th at 9pm (10pm AEDST) on Brisbane channel 44, or online live streaming at: Gotta run. Keep marching on.