Monday, November 29, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

"The Soldier Legacy # 1" to be available from COMICS ETC. Brisbane!!!

I am pleased to announce that the fantastic Brisbane-based comic store "Comics Etc." will be stocking the comic book edition of 'The Soldier Legacy' as of next week. Though I'll be a metaphorical goldfish against the Blue whales that are the American comic books, I sinceley hope that the first issue does well sitting on the "New Releases" wall and then the "Monthly" wall next to the likes of Marvel and DC.
So please! If you're in Brisbane, pick up a copy and you'll be supporting Aussie comics and making a battlin' artist very happy! If not in the area, why not email the guys there and see what they can do, or better yet, let me know too :)

The new comic book edition published under the CFCA Indie banner (Kevin Scarfe's Cult Fiction Comics Australia), boasts 32 full colour semi-gloss pages with beautiful high gloss cover (thanks to "Nova Press" on the Gold Coast) and includes a 2 pages of preview pics from Issue 2, due out Feburary. The colours have been improved from the first 'Special Edition' run so I'm so pleased to have this available.

Thank you again to James, Dave and the Guys from Comics etc. in Elizabeth street Brisbane for allowing me to stock the book.
To visit their store online, visit
P.s.: More updates soon as I reach the homestretch in colouring for issue 2 and pencils commence for issue 3.