Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'The Soldier" reference shots and quick update

Hi All,

So these are reference images for 'The Soldier' character (1943)- Front, Back and Left side. There is a reason I did these, but I'm unable to divulge the full details of this. Let's just say I'm very excited. In the meantime, I use these to keep the character 'on model' as best as I can, as I always forget little details despite the simplicity of the outfit, and constantly need to double check- particularly if I haven't drawn the guy in a while. Anyway, I seem to be waffling for the sake of waffling, but I can show you that Black House comics may have this quite tall (told 9ft?!) fella appear at an upcoming convention- If not Supanova Brisbane in November, then for sure the next Sydney event in 2012.

Anyway, back to work. This month the third issue of Soldier is due to be printed in time for the next two cons. I'll be in Melbourne for Armageddon on the weekend of the 23rd of October, followed by a larger Black House Comics presence at the Supanova Expo in Brisbane November. At these shows, I will definitely have Soldier 1,2 and the new issue 3, the San Diego portfolio issue and Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #7 featuring part 1 of the three part back up story I worked with Chris Sequeira on. Looking forward to a big tail end of the year. Plenty of work to do, I have much to to before this book is ready for print, plus a few things to produce to capitalize on the good feedback and contacts I made on my US trip. Comics wise, I'm feeling good at the moment, but I have to keep the momentum up and not drop the ball. It's all a massive learning curve and I pray I can pull it off.

I also need to update this blog more :P Thesis work needs to start creeping in here, I'll get there eventually.

Thank you all, will be back shortly, I promise :)


Adam said...

Hey Paul, Thanks for checking out my blog and for a chance to talk a little back in April. The comic is looking better and better. Keep up the great work. I'm already missing Australia. Take care.

Paul Mason said...

Thanks Adam! It was a pleasure. Appreciate the support, and I hope you liked the stories.