Monday, October 10, 2011

Youi/Soldier Legacy spot Behind the scenes production photos

Youi commercial producers, and director Bryan Cawood were kind enough to keep Baden, publisher of Black House Comics , up to date with all the goings on during the filming of the comic commercials at Kings comics in Sydney. Seeing these pics are great as you can really see all the effort the production team went to, to give the store a real 'Black House' presence. Chris Sequeira/Dave Elsey/Phil Cornell's Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Mutard's Mind of Love, Jason Frank's Kagemono, Jan Sherpenhuizen's Twilight Age, Jason Paulos's EEEK!, Jason Fishers/Jason Franks After the World Aussie pulp stories, the upcoming Terra Magazine art, and my Soldier Legacy books and artwork can be seen throughout the store, including a Dr Nikola poster I did from #6 of DD: SH.

The sets are also a great example of set design/mise en scene. Those shelves and walls adjacent to the counter actually don't exist.Kings has a rather open 360 degree counter design, with an open glass store front, so I am gathering the walls were errected not only for the purpose of the shoot, but to stop onlookers from peering in, getting in the background of shots, or also to control the lighting of the store. It actually gives the sotre in the Ad that darker atmosphere that other comic stores tend to look like, or the perception of them. Actually, the thing that first struck me about the real Kings store was how light, open and 'retail' it looked (as opposed to a dark, clutterd second hand bookstore I was used to getting comic books in- very oldschool).
I think the Commercial captures the best of both worlds- what do you think?

Anyways, Enjoy!
p.s: I will have to try and reference these actors as characters in the upcoming issues. It's hard not to!

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