Saturday, October 27, 2018

Been a long time; Up and down end to a tough 2017, and a tough sleep-deprived and burnt-out but still working 2018, busy with Uni teaching, Kid Phantom, Eldritch Kid, a few other shorts, and a yet to be announced thing I'm finishing soon, which ironically, is somewhat full circle to where my hobby/amatuer self-published stuff to paid career started (a peak at some random panels below).

Anyways, mostly keeping blog up to date at where you can see news on books and merchandise for Kid Phantom, Gestalt stuff, visits, teaching etc. etc.

This blog started in 2009 to figure out what I was going to develop as a comic for honours, and kind of snowballed from there, so if you ever want a glimpse at where an idea might start, and where that idea (and you) can end up if you stick to your guns, the embarrassing echo chamber-like archives is a place to squiz.

Anyways, stay busy, stay hungry, finish your work, learn, start again, and try not to be a d***head.
I'll do the same.

Cheers all.

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