Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update! Sherlock Holmes, New Soldier etc.

Just quickly updating, Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #7 hits Newsagents this week, with the first part of the Dr Nikola backup story, featuring "The Soldier Legacy" of 1887! for only $5, this book is very cool :D I also have commenced penciling for both part 2 of the story, which will feature in the next book due out the beginning of next year, and Soldier Legacy #4, which is aiming for an April release. Stay tuned for previews :D

I also wish to announce a Black House Comics initiative called 'MACQ' which is the only Australian made 'previews' style magazine for Retailers and customers to view some of the best comic books and graphic novels Australia has to offer. The first issue (avaialbe via PDF on the website), showcases both Black House comics, and Gestalt publications- the guys who have produced some awesome Aussie books such as The Deep, Torn, Changing Ways etc. For more info, click here . More publishers and independents to be added as issues progress for sure. And as you can see, both "The Soldier Legacy" and "Dark Detective" are available to order anywhere in Australia! See your local Comic book store for more details.

I also wish to announce that all current Soldier Legacy issues are available online or via order for only $5 each! For 32 pages full colour, why not?!

Gotta go, more updates soon :D

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