Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Pics from 'Graphic', and pics from last week's 'Late Nite Show' appearance

Many thanks to Tim McEwen for the pics of the Len Wein 'Graphic' panel I was kindly asked to host recently at the Sydney Opera House early October. Again, very blown away by Mr Wein's friendly nature, great stories, and the professional and friendly staff of the event: 


Many thanks to Late Nite Show Host Scott Black and the awesome and friendly cast and crew of Brisbane's 'The Late Nite Show' (shout outs Flash, Amanda, Kris and Biggy!) on 31 Digital for inviting me back to talk nonsense and bullsh**. Had an awesome time, and also great to meet comedian Jacob Lingard!

"On This Week: Comic Book Mastermind Paul Mason & Comedian Jacob Lingard

It’s our 5 year anniversary of The Late Nite Show AND Scott’s Birthday!  Join us for the big celebration as he welcomes back two of his favourite guests!  First up is comic book writer, artist and all around awesome dude Paul Mason (,,, Twitter: @pmason83) as he comes on to talk about comic coventions, martial arts competitions, and being the said “dude.”
Also on is comedian Jacob Lingard (Twitter: @JacobLingard) to talk about his fantastic new room Fresh Meat (Click Here For Event Information) and to have a few laughs!"

(L to R) Jacob Lingard, Scott Black, Little James aka 'Flashman', me, Amanda Bacchi

And sadly...a meme was born :P (Thanks to "Number 1 'Soldier Legacy' fan' David A. 
Cheers my friend, you crazy bastard ;P)

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