Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Soldier Legacy/Human Fly comic images in 'Shadow of a Mouse' Art Exhibition

Beginning next week (and opening night on Thursday 24th October if you're in the area):

'Shadow of a Mouse' Art Exhibition at  the Royal Queensland Art Society Petrie Terrace Gallery.

As well as illustrations and sculpture from some very talented Animation/Film School post grad/lecturers, I'll have prints on display at A1 size- using original Comic illustrations featuring 'The Soldier Legacy', pages from 'The New Adventures of the Human Fly', and perhaps 1 or 2 concept art images from 'The Maleficus Seven'...depending on the room ;P

These will be 1 of only 1 A1 sized poster prints that I do plan to sell if anyone is actually interested. Will take photos and post online during the exhibition.

Gotta run. Cheers All.

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